Host engaging
online events

Most event platforms aren't built for networking. Gatherly lets you interact like you would in person.
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3000+ events hosted for clients like:

One large event,
many small conversations.

In real life, 100 people don’t huddle up for a conversation. So why should they have to online?

Mingle like you
would in real life.

Through the minimap, attendees network freely, speaking to who they want to for however long they want to.

The complete
conference solution.

Organize and take charge of your event with custom branding and admin features like broadcast, news, and server security.
As seen in...
Adrian Segar
Renowned event consultant,
 Author of Conferences that Work (
“Gatherly creates the feel of an in-person conference social.”
Lori Aubrey
American Society of Oncology and
National Organization of Albinism and Hypopigmentation
"Upon seeing the Gatherly platform, our team was giddy with excitement about the opportunity to bring people together in a way that most closely replicates in-person interaction. It was the missing piece in our virtual conference plan."
Tamesha Squire
Event Planner at the Georgia Institute of Technology
“This was my first time working with developers and these guys are amazing ... We worked together for troubleshooting and responses were always timely. I’m looking forward to brainstorming and collaborating for future events! After using Gatherly, what’s Zoom?”
Sarah Marzen
Assistant Professor of Physics, W. M. Keck Science Department, Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, and Scripps Colleges
"As a professor trying to teach online, I am constantly looking for new tools to help with community-building ... my students were able to form friendships and study groups. They complimented the seamless nature of the platform, comparing it favorably to Zoom and telling me that it was ‘nice to talk to you like we weren’t talking over the computer’."
Danielle Ramirez
Academic Program Coordinator at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech
"Getting set up with Gatherly was a quick and easy process. I was provided with all the resources I needed to host a great event. The system is intuitive and fun to use. The set up makes break-out sessions easy to manage and gives the power to our guests, unlike other video communication systems."
Mike McGowan
Executive Director of the National Organization of Albinism and Hypopigmentation
“I had a number of people come up to me to say that they had been to many virtual conferences and this was by far the most engaging.”
Lea Aden Lueck
Engineering Design Coordinator, Rice University
"My event was just like it happens physically, but the broadcast feature made announcements easier to make than they are in-person. I would love to do these events online in the future if possible; it was so much easier to plan!"
Gina Rosales
Founder of Make it Mariko & Founder of Pinayista
"Gatherly has helped our Pinayista team build a global community online during a time when deep connection is needed the most ... Using Gatherly, we've been able to create the FIRST global virtual office dedicated to collaboration and engagement with our Filpina women-of-color community."

Host various types
of events.

Attendees love to mingle about in anticipation of their next insightful conversation. Gatherly provides the software and support to make your next event amazing!