Embedded Content for Gatherly Booths

Introducing embedded content, text banners, and external link CTAs for Gatherly booths!

Sohan Choudhury
 min read

What’s new

Just over two months ago, Gatherly added the ability for hosts to set up interactive booths for their events (read more here). Now, the Gatherly team is excited to announce a significant expansion to interactive booths!

With this latest update, Gatherly booths now have the following content:

  • A text banner that all booth visitors see at the top of their screen
  • A button in a banner with customizable text that can open any link (optional)
  • Embeddable content via an iframe (optional)

This content can be customized and easily changed by event admins as well as booth representatives with ease during an event!

Booth content is key

After speaking to dozens of Gatherly hosts about their usage of the interactive booths feature, the importance of booth content became extremely clear to our team.

Similar to booths at in-person events such as career fairs, expos, and trade shows, Gatherly booths now allow for a high level of customization. However, unlike physical booths at in-person events, interactive booths on Gatherly take advantage of the digital medium of virtual events to deliver additional value to booth representatives and attendees alike.

Not only can the booth content be easily edited throughout the event, it can also be used to showcase rich digital content. For example, hosts and booth representatives can use the button in the booth banner to link out to their own websites with some specified CTA.

Additionally, thanks to the embeddable iframe feature, booth representatives can showcase content such as videos, presentations, and entire websites directly as part of the booth experience on Gatherly.

Thanks to these recent updates, visitors to a booth on Gatherly can explore and engage with highly branded content, even without a booth representative present!

Explore the changes

Want to check out the update for yourself? Host a free event here, it takes just minutes!

Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to email me, Gatherly’s Head of Product, at sohan@gatherly.io.

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