Introducing Interactive Booths on Gatherly

Booth-style events on Gatherly just got a huge upgrade thanks to customizable interactive areas!

Sohan Choudhury
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What’s new

Over the last two years, Gatherly hosts have held over 3,000 poster fairs, career fairs, and other booth-style events on the platform. The one thing that all of these events have held in common? They all have used booths!

Historically, booths on Gatherly have been custom-created by hosts. Gatherly hosts have designed their own booths for attendees representing various organizations, companies, and projects.

An example of a host-created Gatherly map, which shows a Facebook booth for a UCLA career fair (case study).

Now, we’re excited to launch interactive booths on the Gatherly platform! Thanks to this latest update, hosts can easily create booths with their Gatherly accounts. These booths are interactive and provide a greatly improved experience for attendees.

Just like any video chat conversation on Gatherly, booths can hold up to 16 attendees. Additionally, booths can be easily locked to make conversations private, and support screen-sharing.

Built-in booths improve user experience

Moving forwards, we’re focusing heavily on improving the experience for hosts looking to host career fairs and other booth-based events. Hosts keep turning to Gatherly for these types of events, as the experience provided by spatial video chat is ideal for common interaction patterns.

Via the event setup platform, Gatherly hosts can now create up to 4 booths per floor, with a choice of over a dozen unique background textures.

Hosts can add up to 4 booths per floor.
Hosts can easily preview the layout of their booths before their events go live.

Each booth requires a name, and can optionally display a logo. During the event, attendees can walk around and visit different booths seamlessly.

Similar to huddles, attendees can easily hover over a booth to see who is located in the booth as well as identify whether the booth is locked or open to new attendees.

With this update, all the aspects of Gatherly that our users and hosts love have been retained! Not interested in using interactive booths? Just select the “no booths” option and set up floors the traditional way, no harsh feelings!

Explore the changes

Want to check out the update for yourself? Host a free event here, it takes just minutes!

Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to email me, Gatherly’s Head of Product, at

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