Put your event on autopilot

Deliver structured content and programming without having to lift a finger (unless you want to).

7,000+ events held for leading organizations

Loved by thousands of hosts

Engagement at Gatherly events make hosts look like superstars.

Mike McGowan
Hosted a 1,000 person conference

"I had a number of people come up to me to say that they had been to many virtual conferences and this was by far the most engaging."

Lori Aubrey
Held 20+ events for 2 non-profits

"Our team was excited about the opportunity to bring people together in a way that most closely replicates in-person interaction. It was the missing piece in our virtual conference plan."

Gina Rosales
Produced 8 professional-grade events

"The Gatherly team has been so easy to work with, they are super responsive to our needs, and are so focused on creating engaging attendee experiences."

Peter Sutarjo
Organized 5 networking events and career fairs

"Gatherly's interface was very easy to learn, and attendees were much more engaged than at events held on Zoom. We were able host a virtual event that emulated the flow of an in-person event."

Serendipity meets structure

Keep everyone on the same page (or floor!) with thoughtful structure; then, watch the magic happen as attendees bond over topics and interest areas.

Advanced admin controls
Autopilot facilitation
On-the-fly editing

Go from idea to event in minutes

Create opportunities and spaces for serendipity at your event with relevant topics, icebreakers, and content, generated by AI.

AI-generated content
Pre-selected maps and floors
Advanced customization

All the tools you need

Our AI planner is built into our feature-rich, battle-tested virtual events platform. Get up and running in minutes with all the tools you need for a successful event!

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