Events That Plan Themselves

This week, our team launched Gatherly AI: The world's first AI for events. Watch as your events plan themselves!

Carl Liu
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What’s new

This week, our team launched Gatherly AI: The world's first AI for events.

Your events can now plan themselves. With just a description, Gatherly AI can turn your event idea into a custom agenda and a pre-built virtual venue in minutes.

From there, you can keep customizing to your heart's content! Whether you want to embed a whiteboard or set up an arcade, the possibilities are endless.

Events are hard

After spending over 3 years building our events platform that's hosted nearly 8000 events, the one thing that's more clear than ever is that events are hard. In-person events are hard, virtual events are hard, and hybrid events, if you figure out what that even means, are even harder.

Our goal has always been to help people, even those who have never put together an event before, feel empowered to host engaging virtual events. However, even though Gatherly hosts love the simplicity and interactiveness of our spatial video chat software, we've seen firsthand how there's still a learning curve for them to set up and plan events with our platform.

And that's where Gatherly AI comes in. Our goal is to offer engaging virtual events that plan themselves so that anyone can host an amazing event!

screenshots of Gatherly AI events platform

Not only will AI build the virtual venue for you, it will also provide a detailed custom agenda that features everything from suggested sessions and breakouts to activities and topics.

generate a custom agenda

That means that planning and executing events will be easier and more streamlined than ever before; you'll have an expert event planner in your pocket.

Plus, you'll still have access to Gatherly's powerful suite of events tools, with everything from a customizable event landing page and detailed analytics to broadcasts and recordings.

What's next

This launch is just the beginning. We'll continue to improve our AI event planning features (and we would love your feedback!), but, ultimately, our goal is to build events that not only plan themselves, but also run themselves.

The video game industry has long been familiar with the idea of "non-player characters," or NPCs. These characters populate a game's world and make it engaging and interactive, whether through suspense and action or through content and story-telling.

With the explosion in AI capabilities this past year (ChatGPT, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, AutoGPT, BabyAGI, and many more), we believe that AI will play a greater and greater role in delivery an engaging and interactive event experience, making tools and methods previously only utilized by specialized game developers available to anyone who wants to host a memorable event.

Our latest AI features are powered by OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, and LangChain, a popular open source project for AI development. We're excited to keep exploring how to make events even better with these tools and new AI tools yet to come. It's an exciting time to be in events!

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