Introducing: Agenda and Sessions

This week, our team launched the Agenda and Sessions. You can now put your events on autopilot and make facilitation a breeze!

Carl Liu
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What’s new

This week, our team launched the Agenda and Sessions.

You can now put your events on autopilot: Deliver structured content and programming without having to lift a finger (unless you want to).

Plus, the Agenda is integrated with our AI event planner, meaning you can get a fully planned Agenda with content for your Sessions in under a minute.

Gatherly AI Generated Agenda and Sessions

Serendipity meets structure

These past 3 years, we've heard a lot about how spatial video chat fosters serendipity. We've focused heavily on giving Gatherly users the ability to roam and experience our virtual spaces at their pace.

However, we found that it was hard for serendipity to happen without structure. Even though freedom of movement was fun and engaging, without common ground for attendees to bond over or interesting topics for them to discuss, how could they form meaningful connections?

So, we wanted to give event hosts the tools to bring structure to their events. Each Session in the Agenda can have its own unique theme, topics, icebreakers, and content. Plus, with advanced controls like mode changes, floor changes, and elevator toggling, there are more ways than ever before for hosts to create spaces and opportunities for serendipity.

Gatherly Session Screenshot

To learn more about how these new tools work, check out the guides from our help center: Agenda, Sessions, Admin Controls.

What's next

With the release of our Agenda and Sessions features, we've taken another step closer towards events that plan and run themselves. Not only can our AI event planner already set up the Agenda and Sessions, the Agenda's autopilot mode also means that the events can (almost!) run themselves.

We're excited to keep building engaging features into the Agenda and Sessions, such as interactive activities, smart content delivery, and even better onboarding

Explore the changes

Want to see the new features for yourself? Sign up for our free, participant-driven virtual workshop on building team culture at this link. It's happening Thursday, June 15th, and will feature our updates front and center.

Also, you can create a free account here and try having AI generate your Agenda for free!

Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to email me, Gatherly’s CTO, at

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