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GE bolstered their university recruiting efforts by using Gatherly to engage with over 160 students in a natural manner.

Sohan Choudhury
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For many companies, fall semester is a critical time for recruiting interns and full-time hires. In past years, GE had held events on campuses of its partner universities in order to encourage students to apply to their positions. With the global lockdown hindering these efforts, the GE recruiting team looked to host their event online.

Critical to the success of a recruiting event is information sharing as well as providing students with face-to-face time with recruiters and engineers. For their event, GE needed:

  • A natural way for recruiters to meet and speak to interested students
  • The ability to showcase different company departments (aviation, healthcare, etc.)
  • A cohesively branded experience that would be both memorable and engaging for students


The Gatherly platform, built to mimic in-person interactions, was a perfect fit! The GE recruiting team was able to make full use of Gatherly's customization features to both effectively organize the event and to create a highly branded experience.

For instance, GE's recruiting team decided to create custom maps for  multiple floors in order to separate different industries that they were recruiting for. Recruiters and company representatives were able to station themselves in their industry of expertise, and students were able to choose which areas to walk over to. To top it off, GE white-labeled the platform with a logo and added a custom PDF brochure.

Students moved to different areas to talk with representatives

Once the event was underway, recruiters and other representatives from GE were able to lock huddles when necessary to have 1-1 conversations with students, and were also able to exchange emails and LinkedIn profiles via direct messaging.

Finally, in order to run things smoothly, GE recruiters used admin features such as broadcasting as well as sending announcements in the news tab. All in all, this helped to keep a cohesive feel to the overall experience despite the many ongoing parallel conversations.

To make their event a success, the GE recruitment team was able to leverage the following Gatherly features:

  • Custom maps
  • White-labeling
  • Brochure
  • Private conversations
  • Messaging
  • Broadcast


Throughout the 2 hour event, students were able to walk around and naturally interact with recruiters, just like they would have in real life! Here's what some attendees had to say:

"Being able to see everyone moving rooms made it feel a little more like a real info session."
"Moving your dot around made it feel more like you were physically moving somewhere rather than just opening a new link. This was very engaging for a virtual event."

The event attracted over 160 unique attendees, and 7 industries were represented by various GE divisions.

Moving forwards, we're excited to host more recruiting events on Gatherly!

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