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5 Great Tips for Hosting Virtual Events


Hosting virtual events has become a norm for many organizations. To ensure your virtual event is a success, consider these five great tips: 1. Don't wing it

Try and run a full rehearsal alone or with colleagues the day before the event, so there's not as much pressure, and still time in case changes need to be made.

This is especially true if you haven't used the platform before. Companies are turning to alternative platforms more regularly these days to promote engagement and boost memorability. An immersive platform that is easy to use and life-like can significantly enhance engagement... just make sure you've tried it before the big day.

With Gatherly, your event manager will work with you and your calendar to ensure there are effective rehearsals prior to your event.

2. Plan Engaging Content

Content is king, even in virtual events. Develop a comprehensive agenda that includes a mix of presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions. Incorporate multimedia elements like videos, infographics, and animations to make your content more engaging.

Remember, a well-structured event with diverse content can maintain attendee interest and participation.

At a Gatherly Event, your event manager will build your event agenda for you directly into your exclusive space, so it's easily accessible by all of your guests.

3. Promote Interactivity

Encourage interaction among participants by using interactive tools such as chat functions, live polls, and virtual networking lounges. These features can replicate the networking opportunities of in-person events, allowing attendees to connect and engage with each other and the speakers. Interactive sessions can also provide valuable insights and feedback in real time.

As a Bonus tip: Bring someone else with you to act as a co-host, and allow them to manage these engagement while you perform! If your event is with Gatherly, an in-event concierge is already included as part of your service, and they're ready to help you with these engagements!

4. Provide Technical Support

Technical issues can disrupt the flow of your event and frustrate attendees. Ensure that technical support is readily available before and during the event. Offer clear instructions on how to use the platform, and consider hosting a pre-event tutorial or Q&A session to address any concerns. Having a dedicated support team can quickly resolve any issues that arise.

Gatherly event managers will ensure clear instructions are sent to all guests prior to the event, and made accessible at all times during you event. Having an in-event concierge to help troubleshoot individuals will save you from having to interrupt your event, should a connectivity issue arise for someone.

5. Follow Up

Post-event engagement is just as important as the event itself. Send follow-up emails to thank attendees for their participation and provide them with any promised materials, such as recordings or presentation slides. Collect feedback through surveys to understand what went well and what could be improved for future events. This will help you build stronger relationships with your audience and improve your next virtual event.

At Gatherly, a post-event insight report is always included as part of the full-service package. Simply download and forward this to your guests, and stand by for feedback. By following these tips, you can create a memorable and engaging virtual event that resonates with your audience and achieves your goals. Discover full-service events with Gatherly. At Gatherly, we’ll help you create an event in which each detail is meticulously handled.

From creating your ideal space to crafting a thoughtful agenda, and incorporating deliberate, personal touches to make your event feel extraordinary. Learn why Made in CA Magazine names us "pioneers of true virtual hospitality"


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