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Full-Service Virtual Events

Host up to 10,000 guests in your immersive digital venue


more engaging than Zoom or MS Teams

7,000+ events held for leading organizations

Our clients
Our clients
Our clients
Our clients

“Pioneering true

 - Made in CA Magazine

Virtual Hospitality”

White Glove

From early planning to the main event - rely on real professionals and in-event concierges to help facilitate your big day!

Built for

Replicate the magic of inperson interactions on a platform that lets you walk around, meet new people and explore different floors.

Post Event

Collect lead data and insights, including attendance, average duration, engagement scores, and so much more!

Hospitality & Service

At Gatherly, we’ll help you create an event in which each detail is meticulously handled.

From creating your ideal space to crafting a thoughtful agenda, and incorporating deliberate, personal touches to make your event feel extraordinary.


Welcome to Virtual Hospitality!

Data Analytics

Present details of your event effortlessly!


A full post-ops report is complete with attendance, average duration, and engagement scores!

Gatherly Conferences

Replicate the magic of in-person interactions

Whether you’re planning a 20-person board meeting or a 2,000-attendee convention

All events include:

Designated Event Planner and Point of Contact

Exclusive Immersive Space

In-event Concierge(s)

Post-event Analytics Report with Highlight Video

Landing Page

We’ve got you covered!

Choose custom banner images, event descriptions, registration requirements, and even sponsor logos!

Every event comes with a fully customizable landing page!

Host your next event on Gatherly

Featured in

Loved by thousands of hosts

“This was the easiest, most successful, interactive job-fair we’ve ever done. We will be doing this twice a year! ”

Irene Lasker. Career Services Manager,
Toronto School of Management

“I had a number of people come up to me to say that they had been to many virtual conferences and this was by far the most engaging.”

Mike McGowan hosted a 1,000 person conference

“Provided a cost-effective solution that, quite frankly, felt like a breath of fresh air in the world of virtual communication.”

Heidi Roose. Sr. Talent Management
Specialist, USA, DHL Express

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