Here’s how TulNet used Gatherly
to help sponsors generate more leads

Not only were sponsors happy with TulNet, but attendees were also, and it showed. Many attendees stayed online and continued conversations well after the event ended.

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About TulNet

An event and meeting production company

TulNet makes rock stars out of their clients by producing successful meetings and events. TulNet maximizes every dollar to create memorable, needle-moving experiences. Let TulNet know what you want to accomplish and they will create an event that matches and surpasses your goals.

About Dianne

Owner & Event Producer I TulNet

Dianne is an event producer with over 20 years of experience owning and operating TulNet. She specializes in events and meetings and is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals.

By simply clicking to move from table to table, Dianne used speed networking to connect sponsors with decision-makers.

"Our job as conference planners is to be certain that sponsors get face time with decision-makers. One thing sponsors are happy about is that they're able to get leads and connect without having to get on a plane and spend $10,000 to do a trade show. We've been educating sponsors about how they'll be able to connect with people on Gatherly because, in everybody's mind, virtual events are still just a Zoom call."

Without the added cost of travel, TulNet sponsors generated leads at a lower cost.

"I think it's easier to attract more sponsors because there's no added cost involved with the travel and such. Once sponsors log in and see what's happening, then they're just like, "Oh, this is great!” Sponsors get it because they're at home and still making the same kind of connections that they want to make with Gatherly."

Dianne enjoyed watching conversations start long after the event was over.

"If you look around 40 minutes after the event has ended and half the room is still there, that’s a big, big win. We watch and monitor that type of thing, and that's been the cool thing with Gatherly. We just leave the event up and just watch people. I'll pop by and look and I'm like, oh my gosh, they're still in there."

Why TulNet chose to use Gatherly over Bizzabo

"I went to a huge conference online using Bizzabo, and what was missing was the engagement piece."

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"With Gatherly, we're able to add on a simple networking component that's seamless to use with minimal friction. For hybrid events, there's definitely going to be value."

Brendan Shuff I Event Strategy Group

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