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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events is Gatherly right for?

Gatherly is usually used for networking events, socials, expos, and conferences. Events that prioritize attendee interaction are generally a good fit for Gatherly, as the platform provides attendees with a high level of freedom.

How much does Gatherly cost?

Gatherly pricing is typically done on a per-attendee basis. Significant discounts are available for 501(c)3's and educational institutions. Bulk discounts and premium feature add-ons are also available.

How can I try out Gatherly?

To try out Gatherly for yourself, visit This is a sample Gatherly event that is up 24/7. Feel free to invite others to this space and explore the platform. To explore host functionality, we recommend requesting a demo.

How does Gatherly support event hosts?

Gatherly is committed to a stellar end-to-end host experience. Hosts have access to live chat support, tutorial videos, an ever-expanding help center, and a dedicated support rep.

What host features does Gatherly have?

Gatherly hosts have access to features such as broadcasting, banning users, recording, and white-labeling. Additionally, hosts receive data analytics and attendee tracking for their events.

Does Gatherly require installation?

Gatherly does not require installation, as the platform runs right in your browser! To confirm that your browser, device, and internet connection are compatible with Gatherly, visit