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Enhance the Humanity of Online Meetings and Events

Hospitality & Service

At Gatherly, we’ll help you create an event in which each detail of your event is meticulously handled.

From creating your ideal space to crafting a thoughtful agenda, and incorporating deliberate, personal touches to make your event feel extraordinary.


Welcome to Virtual Hospitality!

7,000+ events held for leading organizations

Gatherly Virtual Events
Gatherly Virtual Events
Gatherly Virtual Events
Gatherly Virtual Events

Engagement Analytics

Present details of your event effortlessly!

A full post-ops report is complete with attendance, average duration, and engagement scores!

Platform Features

Landing Page

We’ve got you covered!

Choose custom banner images, event descriptions, registration requirements, and even sponsor logos!

Every event comes with a fully customizable landing page!

The Perfect Setting

We’ll add your unique brand colors and logos to make your event truly feel like your own.

Browse our library of map templates, or have our creative geniuses put together a unique space for your event.

Expect a beautiful venue that your attendees will love.

Gatherly Virtual Events


Perfect for conventions, career fairs, and onboarding!

Designate booths to your vendors or exhibitors to showcase their offerings to your guests.

Create an appealing space that’s complete with custom links, banners, and customizable forms.

Gatherly Virtual Events


Seamless presentations to your floor, or to the entire event!

Replicate the interactive nature of live presentations with features like live chat, Q&A, polls, surveys, and panel discussions all standard with in-event broadcasting.

Talk to your planner about hiring a live Emcee for your next event!

Gatherly Virtual Events

Profile Colors

Distinguish your guests from keynote speakers, VIPs, employees, or event staff!

We’ll provide you with custom links to send each of your guests, so all anyone has to do is join when it’s time, and enjoy the activities.

Gatherly Virtual Events

Virtual Photo Booth

Participants can take selfies or group shots within their huddles!

These digital memories can be instantly shared on social media or downloaded for personal keepsakes, making it a convenient and engaging way to capture moments in a virtual environment.

Gatherly Virtual Events

Live Emcee

The emcee's primary role is to guide the proceedings, engage the audience, and introduce speakers, performers, or various segments of the event.

This includes 1:1 consultation with your designated Emcee. All dialogue, ice-breaker challenges, games, or dialogue is all finalized prior to the event.

Gatherly Virtual Events

Available Add-Ons

Realtime Interpretation

Immediate and continuous translation of spoken or written language from one language to another - as it is happening.

Interpretation can be done using various techniques, including simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, or closed captioning.

Provided by

Gatherly Virtual Events

Games and Activities

From trivia and games to keynote speakers and workshops, explore 100's of available activities to choose from!

Whether for work or play, there's a live-hosted event that's perfect for your group!

Provided by

Gatherly Virtual Events

Loved by thousands of hosts

“This was the easiest, most successful, interactive job-fair we’ve ever done. We will be doing this twice a year! ”

Irene Lasker. Career Services Manager,
Toronto School of Management

“I had a number of people come up to me to say that they had been to many virtual conferences and this was by far the most engaging.”

Mike McGowan hosted a 1,000 person conference

“Provided a cost-effective solution that, quite frankly, felt like a breath of fresh air in the world of virtual communication.”

Heidi Roose. Sr. Talent Management
Specialist, USA, DHL Express

Host your next event on Gatherly

Featured in

Gatherly Virtual Events
Gatherly Virtual Events
Gatherly Virtual Events
Gatherly Virtual Events

Built-in Itinerary

Clearly communicate your run-of show!

Progress through your event activities, both subsequent and concurrent, and help everyone get to the right floor, exactly on time.

Directly notify your guests when activities are about to begin.

Gatherly Virtual Events
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