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A Larger Huddle: Gatherly Joins GoLocal Virtual Events

Atlanta, Georgia May 15, 2024 – GoLocal Virtual Events, a team with a

track record of white-glove hospitality, announces their definitive acquisition of

Gatherly, a virtual events software designed for natural connection.

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“Virtual events are still events, and we believe that a hospitality professional will always be the most qualified to support your needs here,” said Adib Shadid, CEO of GoLocal Virtual Events. “Our event planners, including myself, have all been trained at leading hotel brands, such as Four Seasons, Hyatt, Marriott, and more, and we’re committed to bringing that expertise to your next function.”

“During the pandemic, we were able to help people come together

serendipitously and joyfully during a time of lockdowns and isolation” said

Chris Cherian, founder of Gatherly. “Reliability and features were key then,

but today hospitality is a must have. Joining GoLocal helps us accomplish

exactly that.”

GoLocal Virtual Events is a leading provider of virtual event planning and

execution services. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services

designed to help clients create engaging and impactful online gatherings.


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