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Getting Personal in a Digital Crowd

"A group of Georgia Tech students, and the event technology company they founded, have created a platform that allows for flexible, self-selected conversations in the digital space."

Gatherly Builds Virtual Conference Centers to fight Zoom Fatigue

"For the Gatherly team, more natural engagement comes by building maps and customized “convention floors” for virtual attendees to explore and gather."

Bringing a Sense of Real Life to Virtual Meetings

"The team’s approach allows event planners ... to plan more engaging, fulfilling, and successful meetings using a many-to-many model."

Online conference Socials: Gatherly Review

"Gatherly does a better job, in my opinion, of creating an experience closer to that of a friendly conference social."

First-ever Virtual Capstone Mini-Expo

"the design and implementation of the meeting tool Gatherly was impressive. All in all, I would consider this a successful event."

Social Gatherings on Zoom

"All in all, Gatherly is definitely my favorite platform for social gatherings so far. I'm looking forward to using it more."

From the Desk of the [GT] President

" [Gatherly] allows users to set up online meetings within a virtual conference and interact in new ways."

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