Frequently Asked Answered Questions

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I'm stuck on a loading screen, what do I do?

In the address bar where you typed in the link to Gatherly, look on the left hand side at the lock icon. Click on the lock icon and make sure you've allowed access to both the webcam and the microphone. If that doesn't work, look on the right hand side of that same address bar and check if there's a camera icon. Click on the camera icon, and make sure you've allowed Gatherly to access your webcam and microphone. If the problem persists, please reach out to us via the feedback form at the bottom of the page and let us know.

It says I still need media permissions, how do I enable them?

Make sure you've allowed microphone and webcam access, either through the lock icon in the left-hand side of the address bar or the video camera icon on the right-hand side. If you've blocked Chrome from accessing your webcam or microphone, please follow the instructions linked here to make sure access is allowed. Also, make sure you have a working webcam and microphone connected and powered on. Closing your laptop lid may power off your webcam.

I joined the room, but I just see a blank screen and don't see anyone's video.

Since Gatherly is spatial video chat, you have to be close to someone on our map to chat with them. You can find the map in the top right hand corner under the logo. You are the blue square, and you can move that square by clicking on the map to set a destination. When you move close to other squares, you'll enter a conversation with them! Also, make sure you've followed the instructions for the tutorial and finished it; you can't join the event until you've completed the tutorial.

Is my internet connection good enough to use Gatherly?

Like other video chat platforms, Gatherly requires sufficient bandwidth to deliver a smooth experience. You can take a quick speed test by visiting and completing the tutorial. That will give you a better idea of how strong your network connection is.