Frequently Asked Answered Questions

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Is my audio and video private?

Absolutely. We commit to making sure that all video and audio data is protected and securely transferred. Only the people in a video chat group with you can see you or hear you, and your event host will alert you if they are recording something, like a presentation.

How do I prevent uninvited guests from disrupting my event?

In addition to your unique link, you can also set a password for your room to further restrict access. If any uninvited guests do make their way into the event, hosts can warn and ban those guests to prevent further disruption.

Does Gatherly record audio or video?

Gatherly does not access any audio or video from video chats. It is briefly held in the backend to route it to the right recipients, but it is not recorded, and Gatherly employees cannot access it.

What happens if I send a screenshot with feedback?

Our feedback integration automatically scrubs sensitive information like videos and messages. We never even receive those elements in our feedback system.