Frequently Asked Answered Questions

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How does Gatherly work?

Gatherly is spatial video chat. Our platform lets you move around and talk to anyone at your event. As soon as you move close to someone on the map, you automatically start video-chatting with them. Move into an open group, and you'll join their conversation seamlessly.

How do I move around?

In the top right corner of your screen, you'll find the Gatherly map. This map shows the location of everyone in your current room. Click anywhere on the map to set a destination, and you'll start moving in that direction. Click again to change directions.

How do I change rooms?

Head to the Elevators at the bottom left corner of the map. Once you're there, a pop-up will show you the other rooms available to you at the event. Click the "Join Room" button for any of those rooms, and you'll instantly arrive there.

How can I have a private video chat?

If you're in a group video chat already, a lock icon will appear at the bottom of your screen near the mute buttons. Clicking it will lock your video chat group. Your group will turn red on the map, signaling to other users that they cannot join. Click the same icon to allow others to join again.

What is the "People" and how do I direct message someone?

The "People" tab is like a directory of all the attendees of the event. During the event you can see everyone's names and floor locations. This tab is also useful for finding people; just click the magnifying glass to highlight their avatar on the map. The rightmost icon is the DM function. Click to to privately message someone. These messages are kept for the whole duration of the event.

What is the "Group Chat"?

The "Group Chat" tab is where you can send messages to other people you are video-chatting with. Only the people in that group can see those messages. However, people who join your group afterwards can see messages from before they joined. After the group disperses (everyone moves away), then that chat disappears.

What is "News"?

The "News" tab is where hosts can send written information or instructions to everyone. You cannot respond in the "News" tab, so it's not a global chat: it's more of a bulletin board for the host.

Where can I find my event info?

There should be a button at the top of your browser window that says "Open Event Info"; you can click on that to view more information about your event.

How do I leave an event?

Head to the Exit at the bottom right of the map. Once you're there, a pop-up will ask you to confirm that you're leaving the event. Alternatively, closing your Chrome browser tab at any time will automatically end your session.