Frequently Asked Answered Questions

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How many different rooms can an event have?

We can work with you to figure out the best number of rooms for your event; please reach out to us for a quote based on your needs.

How big can one group be?

Each individual conversation can have up to 15 people video chatting with audio and video. There is no limit to the number of conversations that can be going on at once in your event.

Can I talk to everyone at once?

There are two methods to do this: broadcast and news. Hosts will be able to use broadcast mode, sending their audio and video to everyone. It's just like getting up on stage in real life to speak to a larger crowd. News is similar to a bulletin board, where you can post text announcements without disturbing conversations.

What is the maximum event capacity?

Gatherly is built for scale. We work with events of all sizes from happy hours to large conferences to meet their needs. If you have an extremely large event, reach out to us; we're up to the challenge!

I'm interested in using Gatherly. How do I get in touch?

Glad to hear it! You can fill out the demo request form linked here. Feel free to direct anyone else who wants to use Gatherly there as well.