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Cut through the noise and boost ROI with Michelle Nicole McNabb

This event was held on April 28th, 2022

What you will learn

Nobody we know is as passionate about driving event sponsor ROI as Michelle Nicole McNabb. In this event, Michelle Nicole will open her playbook and show you how to give your partners what they actually want. In addition to leads, she'll walk you through her tactics to connect event sponsors and suppliers with the right attendees.

  • Align your communications with your event sponsor's needs
  • Help your sponsors decide which team members to send
  • Design opportunities for your sponsors to connect with attendees
  • Guide sponsors to sessions that connect them with the right connections
  • Encourage participants to engage with suppliers

Meet Michelle Nicole McNabb, Owner of Emenee Management ‘n’ Events

With combination of logistical event planning and marketing project management Emenee Management ‘n’ Events serves B2B markets to justify event ROI, get unstuck and ease overwhelm of event management, and execute activation campaigns that align organizer and sponsor intentions that generate measurable event ROI.

With 14 years experience in the event industry, specifically the past 10 years, Michelle Nicole McNabb has shifted from  logistical and social event planning to B2B International event management working with teams to create, manage and execute effective campaigns and events.

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