The University of Iowa used Gatherly to help
residency applicants learn more about the program

When the University of Iowa's residency program needed a way to supplement the virtual recruitment season by giving applicants an opportunity to meet each other and learn more about the program, Caroline Martin chose Gatherly.

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Use Case
Residency Interview Day

About The Event

The University of Iowa - Residency Recruitment

After completing their interview process, The University of Iowa's residency program invited applicants to an optional open house for networking and more information about the program. Both faculty members and current residents gave presentations on six different topics. Applicants could move between topic areas to learn about the program and meet faculty, staff, residents, and other applicants.

About Caroline Martin

Education Specialist I The University of Iowa

Caroline Martin is an Education Specialist for the University of Iowa and was the organizer for this event. Caroline served as the host for the event, sent out invitations, answered any questions, and was present during the event to make sure things ran smoothly.

"Gatherly made it easy for me to see our applicants having good conversations in our various topic areas."

Gatherly's maps make it simple for event administrators to monitor engagement within their events. Watch as your attendees move from floor to floor and start new conversations with others. For residency programs like The University of Iowa, the spatial component of Gatherly is the missing link between virtual and physical meetings. Gatherly has enabled residency applicants to continue to form relationships remotely.

"Using Gatherly, people really appreciated visiting so many different areas within one virtual session."

Caroline Martin took advantage of Gatherly's customization to designate a variety of topic areas applicants could visit to learn more about specific components of The University of Iowa's residency program. Enabling applicants to interact with the event in a way that felt natural and coincided with their own interests, was a key factor in Caroline's decision to use Gatherly.

"People are becoming accustomed to how convenient using virtual platforms like Gatherly are for meetings."

Although none of Caroline Martin's attendees had used Gatherly before, they have become accustomed to using virtual platforms for online meetings. Additionally, they appreciated the ability to move from one topic area to another within Gatherly, while enjoying the convenience of attending remotely

Why The University of Iowa chose Gatherly over Zoom.

"Zoom doesn't feel organic in the way that you interact with others. We wanted something that would allow for more spontaneous conversation."

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"With Gatherly, we're able to add on a simple networking component that's seamless to use with minimal friction. For hybrid events, there's definitely going to be value."

Brendan Shuff I Event Strategy Group

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