Gatherly helped Event Strategy Group
improve their virtual event networking

By finding a balance between customization and user experience, Gatherly helped Event Strategy Group host engaging virtual events for some of their biggest clients. Brendan Shuff at Event Strategy group explains how they did it.

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About Event Strategy Group

A full-service event production agency

The team at Event Strategy Group are experts in strategy and production for business event and incentive programs. They help their clients accelerate sales cycles and deepen customer relationships through digital, in-person, and hybrid experiences.

About Brendan

Director of Event Technology I Event Strategy Group

Brendan works to oversee the event ecosystem for each event an Event Strategy Group client hosts. Brendan consults his clients on which technologies would work best for their given event. He then explains the functionality and benefits of each piece of technology. Beyond building the event ecosystem, Brendan also plays a key role in the design, implementation, and technical support provided for each client event.

"With Gatherly, we're able to add on a simple networking component that's seamless to use with minimal friction."

Event Strategy Group was looking for a way to increase interpersonal communication in their virtual events. They found that while tools like Zoom worked well for one-way communication, they failed to encourage the kinds of conversations we have at in-person events. When Brendan heard about Gatherly he started recommending it to clients looking for a networking capability. Soon enough, a Fortune 50 company chose Gatherly for their event.

"With hybrid events, there's definitely going to be value. Again, for a frictionless ability to network."

As Brendan looks forward to the future of hybrid and digital events he is confident there is a place for Gatherly. In these instances, he emphasizes the importance of virtual event platform's user experience when creating a frictionless transition between in-person activities and virtual networking. This focus on simplicity also helps event organizers when explaining the technology to attendees.

"It's hard enough to get attendees to join a digital event and a networking component within that event, it had to be super simple."

Simplicity is key as event production agencies like the Event Strategy Group look at the future of virtual and hybrid events. Many attendees are new to virtual event platforms and must overcome a learning curve while attending the event. With Gatherly's growing feature set and superior user experience, Brendan's clients have an easier time understanding the technology, and in return, are more engaged.

Why Event Strategy Group chose Gatherly over Zoom

Hosting an event can be stressful. Gatherly gives you the tools and support to deliver a memorable experience, all without breaking a sweat.

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"The Gatherly team has been so easy to work with. They are super responsive to our needs and are so focused on creating engaging attendee experiences."

Gina Rosales I Founder of Make it Mariko

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