Columbia University used Gatherly to connect
students during a global pandemic

Raven James continues to choose Gatherly as the go-to solution for Columbia University's Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research networking events.

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About Columbia IEOR

Columbia - Industrial Engineering and Operational Research

Columbia University's department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research is the home to five disciplines: management science and engineering, financial engineering, business analytics, operations research, and industrial engineering. They regularly hold educational seminars and networking events for students and alumni.

Raven James

Events Coordinator I Columbia University IEOR

Raven James is responsible for the coordination of events for the department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. These events include career, social, and academic-related events. Columbia University's IEOR has used Gatherly on multiple occasions for virtual networking use cases.

"Our main goal with Gatherly is to engage students, being that most have been remote for over a year."

After having to make the transition to remote learning, many of Columbia University's IEOR students were eager to find a place where they could connect again with their peers. Raven James chose Gatherly for it's ability to recreate the magic of in-person events in a virtual networking use case. James has found that regular events have kept student engagement up, even during a global pandemic

"We host two hour events and give an extra hour buffer because people will stay on Gatherly and chat."

Like many others, Columbia University has found that, when using Gatherly, attendees tend to stay around and make new connections long after the event has ended. Raven James found that she needed to add an additional hour to the end of IEOR events so students had the available time to continue their conversations.

"We try to get students using the chat feature. People will say 'Hey, I want to start a game.' Soon people will start joining that floor."

Our users continue to find unique applications for Gatherly, and Columbia University's students are no different. Raven James noted how many students like to use virtual games with their peers while using Gatherly as an easy way to find common ground and make connections. This has helped James see an increase in student engagement while using Gatherly.

Why Columbia chose to use Gatherly over Gather Town.

"Gatherly's much cleaner. It's much easier to navigate. I think it's more of a professional setting versus Gather Town."

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"With Gatherly, we're able to add on a simple networking component that's seamless to use with minimal friction. For hybrid events, there's definitely going to be value."

Brendan Shuff I Event Strategy Group

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