Introducing Redesigned Avatars for Gatherly Events

Avatars on Gatherly have been totally redesigned to improve intuitiveness and drive engagement at events!

Sohan Choudhury
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What’s new

We’re excited to announce a total redesign of avatars on Gatherly! Attendees are now represented with a picture of themselves throughout the platform.

Abstract, shape-based avatars have now been replaced by image-based avatars.

This update, the largest to the platform so far in 2022, aims to improve both the intuitiveness of the platform as well as engagement at future Gatherly events.

Changes in this update include:

  • Picture-based avatars used to represent users on the map
  • A more visible badge to denote admin users
  • A redesign of huddles to make them more intuitive to first-time users
  • Dropdown people list where attendees are grouped by floor
  • Usage of picture-based avatars throughout the platform, such as in chat, when an attendee’s webcam is turned off, and in tooltips

Engagement and intuitiveness are key

The Gatherly platform has been used to host over 7,000 events, and our team has learned how important engagement and intuitiveness are to hosts.

Hosts have always appreciated the simplicity of the Gatherly platform, but over time it became clear that the longstanding avatar design just wasn’t as inviting as seeing faces in real life.

Your own avatar (left) is highlighted by a blue circle. A user that you choose to locate (right) is highlighted by a red pulsating circle.
Open huddles (left) are shown in green. Locked or full huddles (right) are clearly identified by a lock icon.

After exploring a variety of avatar customization options, our team realized that faces are the ideal representation of users both for meeting new people. Simply put, our brains have been trained to recognize and remember faces!

With this latest update to Gatherly, the parallels to in-person interactions are clearer than ever before. Attendees can now see a friendly face from across the room, walk over with a click, and start a conversation — all within seconds.

In addition to making the core experience of interacting on Gatherly more engaging, changes have been made throughout the platform to improve ease-of-use.

Hovering over huddles on the map unveils a tooltip with more info! See everyone in the huddle, complete with highly visible badges for admin users.
To help build familiarity with new faces, the revamped avatars are displayed throughout the platform, including  in the chat.

It’s easier, for example, to tell which users are admins thanks to a badge next to their names. Additionally, the user’s avatar is displayed throughout the platform in areas such as chat to improve help build familiarity with new faces.

We hope you’ll give the newest update a try and discover more of the changes for yourself!

Explore the changes

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