Introducing Fully Customizable Landing Pages for Gatherly Events

Introducing powerful customization features for landing pages for Gatherly events, designed to drive engagement and business metrics for hosts.

Sohan Choudhury
 min read

The update

The Gatherly team is excited to introduce a significant update to the event landing page! Driven by feature requests and feedback from Gatherly hosts, the customization of the event landing page has been greatly expanded.

Every Gatherly event comes with a landing page which can be viewed by attendees both before and after an event, and this latest update gives more control to hosts to both brand this space, as well as to better educate attendees on the details of their event.

Every aspect of the event landing page can be customized through the host event setup portal at

This update (live now) enables hosts to:

  • Customize organization name and contact email on a per-event basis
  • Add organization website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn links
  • Add rich text (including headers, bold and italic text, hyperlinks, bullet points, etc.) to the event description
  • Upload up to 10 sponsor logos, each of which can link to sponsor websites
  • Showcase the start time of the event with a countdown timer

Customization matters

Customization is key to curating a unique, highly branded, and captivating virtual experience. Over time, the Gatherly platform has expanded in customizability, and this update is a continuation of that trend.

The landing page expansion joins other customizable aspects of the platform, including floor and brochure customization, as well as white-labeling.

The Gatherly platform has hosted thousands of events, but aims to unlock host creativity by providing guidelines and ample default options.

Get started

Every Gatherly event comes with a landing page, which can be viewed by attendees both before and after the event.

All the features described in this post are live now, and available to all hosts regardless of tier!

Have a host account? Create an event following this guide.

New to Gatherly? Create an account and host your first event free here (it takes just minutes).

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