Introducing Backstage Broadcast for Gatherly Events

Gatherly hosts can now run a fully-managed broadcast for their events thanks to the addition of a backstage!

Sohan Choudhury
 min read

What’s new

We’re excited to announce the addition of a backstage for broadcasts on Gatherly! This has been a highly requested feature from our hosts, and will enable admins at Gatherly events to fully control a broadcast without even showing their own video.

Previously, Gatherly hosts only had the option to manage a broadcast by being in the broadcast themselves. In many cases, hosts wanted the ability to run a broadcast without being in it themselves. With the backstage broadcast feature, they can do just that!

Once a host starts a broadcast, they can easily add audience members to the backstage, and then to the main stage of the broadcast. Additionally, they can easily remove themselves or others from the main stage and to the backstage, where they still retain the ability to fully choreograph the broadcast.

Well-managed broadcasts are key

While we believe that the future of virtual events will center around participant-driven natural engagement, broadcasts are still an essential part of events. With well-managed broadcasts, virtual event hosts can reliably provide value to audiences in a more structured manner.

Thanks to this latest update, here are some example possible use cases of broadcasts on Gatherly:

  • An expert panel discussion with live participation from audience members
  • A keynote presentation with multiple speakers, choreographed by a host backstage
  • An opening ceremony to an event, complete with a screen-shared video or presentation
  • And more!

This, combined with recent stability improvements to the broadcast functionality, have drastically improved the experience that Gatherly hosts can provide to their attendees.

Explore the changes

Want to check out the update for yourself? Host a free event here, it takes just minutes!

Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to email me, Gatherly’s Head of Product, at

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