How to Host the Best Virtual Holiday Party

Holiday parties are centered around connection, which can be hard to recreate online. Here’s how you can seamlessly spread some holiday cheer!

Jake Robbins
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What makes holiday parties special?

The great thing about an office holiday party is the chance to connect with people across the company. At an in-person holiday party, you get to walk around the room, pick or start the conversations you want to participate in, and get to know colleagues in other departments.

Add this to the festive atmosphere -decorations, food, drinks, and party activities - and you've got an event to remember.

The Problem with Video Conference Parties

The problem: how do you provide an authentic experience in Zoom or Webex? Here are a few things we find people wondering about this holiday season:

  • In a conference call with 500+ faces displayed, how do I strike up a casual conversation with Mike from Marketing?
  • How do I roam around the room when my breakout room is preassigned?
  • How can there be a festive atmosphere without a physical space?

The Solution: Spatial Video Chat

Spatial video chat is software that allows people to walk around a virtual room and talk to who they want for however long they want.

Here are 3 reasons why Spatial Video Chat makes for a more real virtual holiday party

1. Guests can pick who they talk to and move freely between conversations

By clicking around a virtual room, guests can walk over to the people and conversations that interest them

2. Hold separate activities all within the same place - at the same time.

Whether you're building gingerbread houses, having an ugly sweater competition, or simply having a drink, attendees can do it all by bouncing between each activity

3. Decorate the room to make your party more festive

What would a holiday party be without some tinsel, wreaths, a tree, a menorah? Decorate your room and customize your layout to make your holiday party feel like an actual holiday party.

In a year where people have been limited to conference calls and forced interactions, people are craving a more interactive and genuine online experience.

At Gatherly, we've seen this first hand from the 1000+ clients we've helped host more engaging virtual events. Feel free to reach out here if you want to learn more.

With spatial video chat, you can finish the year on a high note and provide some much-needed authenticity this holiday season!

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