Engagement Data Analytics for Gatherly Events

Gatherly hosts now have access to rich engagement data from their events!

Sohan Choudhury
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What’s new

We’re excited to announce the expansion of data analytics for hosts! This rich interaction data is captured thanks to the attendee-driven nature of the Gatherly platform, and helps hosts better understand what engagement looks like at their events.

This update, the largest to the platform so far in 2022, aims to improve both the intuitiveness of the platform as well as engagement at future Gatherly events.

Previously, Gatherly event hosts had access to the following aggregate and attendee-specific data:

  • Line graph of attendee traffic over time
  • Bar chat of attendee traffic to different areas (floors) of the event
  • Total number of unique attendees
  • Average duration for attendees
  • Downloadable list of attendee names, titles, profile links, and emails

Now, thanks to this newest update, hosts will additionally have access to the following engagement data:

  • World graph showing countries that attendees are from
  • Number of photos taken, including a breakdown of selfies and group photos
  • Total number of conversations formed
  • Additional downloadable data per-attendee, including time spent at event, number of conversations participated in, and number of people talked to

Understanding engagement is critical

The Gatherly platform has been used to host over 7,000 events, and our team has learned how important understanding engagement at virtual events is.

Having a better understanding of attendee engagement enables hosts to…

  • get a clearer idea of ROI of their events,
  • personalize follow-ups with attendees based on level of engagement,
  • identify super-connectors within an event (attendees that drive lots of interaction),
  • and more!

Armed with this valuable data, available thanks to the free-flowing nature of the Gatherly platform, hosts can both ensure that their events are meeting engaging audiences and optimize engagement at future events.

Explore the changes

Want to check out the update for yourself? Host a free event here, it takes just minutes!

Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to email me, Gatherly’s Head of Product, at sohan@gatherly.io.

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