30 Newly Designed Maps for Gatherly Hosts

Announcing the release of 30 new maps and dozens of new assets for Gatherly hosts to use to tailor the perfect event experience!

Sohan Choudhury
 min read

What’s new

We’re excited to announce a significant expansion of the map customization resources for hosts, available today directly through the Gatherly host portal!

Gatherly hosts can easily choose maps from the default library, available at account.gatherly.io.

This latest update to the Gatherly platform adds 6 venues, 2 coworking spaces, 2 networking lounges, and 2 welcome lobbies to the existing map collection.

Additionally, hosts can now choose from 6 sports themed, 4 travel themed, and 8 seasonal maps to curate a wider variety of experiences for attendees.

From whimsical to barebones practical, the latest map expansion enables a high level of creativity for hosts.

As usual, all maps are free and included with all Gatherly host accounts, including those on the free tier!

Immersion and customization are key

Through hosting over 6,000 events on Gatherly’s engaging virtual platform, our team has learned firsthand how important creating an immersive experience is. Gatherly hosts look to set their events apart from the typical Zoom webinars, and customizing the venue is a key aspect of this.

To further enable power hosts who want to take their event customization to the next level, each map is fully editable thanks to an asset library curated by Gatherly’s design team.

An example of a customized map, featuring some seasonal elements in a purple welcome lobby.
Fancy a meeting on the beach? No problem.

Whether you want to put a volcano in a welcome lobby or a networking lounge on a farm, the only limitation is your own creativity!

Customize your venue

Have a host account? Create an event following this guide.

New to Gatherly? Create an account and host your first event free here (it takes just minutes).

Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to email me, Gatherly’s Head of Product, at sohan@gatherly.io.

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